The Best Way to Blockchain

Blockwell was founded by professionals who have created emerging technologies for 20 years for some of the world's largest companies. Our blockchain platform makes crypto, fast, easy and low cost. Tokenize, monetize, analyze and scale your business with blockchain today.

We Build Real Tools for the Real World

Blockwell's tools are being used today in the real world by real businesses. Our tools make crypto fast, easy and low cost.


Blockwell PRIDE is a Security token. Holding Blockwell PRIDE gets you a share of other tokens Blockwell collects as fees. Hold one token and get a bunch more!


Pay For Anything

QR Codes can be used with any business, e-commerce or brick and mortar. Use QR Codes to easily and simply pay for your meals, groceries, tools simply by scanning a QR code and paying with your crypto currency in your wallet.

Multi-Action QR Codes

Multi-Action QR Codes allow you to use a single QR code and perform 2 or more functions in a single scan. You could have an entire token swap completed by using one scan of a QR Code. Add as many functions and the Multi-Action QR Code will perform each task in order to complete the actions.

We Ran a Contest Where Contestants Were Asked to Create a Token in 10 Minutes for a Chance to Win 10 ETH

Win 10 Ether in 10 Minutes

Contestants were required to use Blockwell’s tools to create their own token, explain the use of the token and were judged on creativity, usefulness and usage by our judges. The winning entrant won 10 ETH.



A Linux Distro with all of our tools, documentation, walkthroughs, and mining software pre-installed and ready to go. Consensus management through the tools devs use to build. The product is functional without this but we’re building for the future of crypto.


A Decentralized Exchange for interoperable liquidity between all our industry chains. With KYC at the forefront. Transparent trading, publicly auditable trails to prevent money laundering, private KYC to support regulators and keep crypto clean.


We’re building for thousands of token businesses. Those that are a fit will have be connected to our equity financing partners. Businesses upload legal documents which we store on-chain and convert into security tokens representing equity stakes.

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Josh CEO/CTO Led Tech for planet scale apps for clients such as Disney, Grindr, P90X, Warner Brothers, Barnes and Noble etc. Crypto and Blockchain expert conducting token audits for well known exchanges.
Paul CMO 20 Years of Branding, Product Design and Digital Marketing for, DDB, Avatarlabs, Disney, Chase Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, Lucas Arts, MTV, Mattel, etc.
Eric COO Over 19 years experience in Technology, Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Analysis. Entrepreneur, Crypto TA, Blockchain and Tokenomics Specialist.
Dany CDO Led fund raising for founders of corporations with accumulated market cap of $85 Billion+, including SAIC, Illumina, Vertex Pharma. Board of Oxford Entrepreneurs Society. Mentor to Rice, NYU, UCSD and more.
Mikael Lead Engineer Full Stack Developer with mobile, web, and backend experience. Clients include Disney, Grindr, P90X, Presidential Campaign.
Kevin Platform Engineer Built in 1998 before it was sold. Diverse architect leading platforms for 20 years. Significant SMB integrations.


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